When people hear the term 20/20 vision or discover that they have 20/20 vision, they understand that it means they have perfect vision.
Our vision for the year 2020 is based on the book of Acts chapter 20:20 where the main focus of Paul is the “preaching and teaching publicly and house to house”. It was simple and powerful. That’s the way he found Timothy and equipped him to become one of the earliest church leaders, as he did with Titus and many others.
In our ministry at Pan de Vida, God has brought families from different cultural contexts and places in Mexico. Many of these families came to Monterrey to look for an opportunity to survive and make a living. The greatest blessing is that they have found Jesus and a new purpose for their life. Now after a few years of being nurtured and taught, some of them want to go back to their own places (Ranchos, rural places). Some are 5 to 7 hours away from our city, but the Lord has put a burden on their hearts to go back home and be a witness of the goodness of the Lord.
We believe that God brought them into our ministry not by accident, but for the fulfillment of His purpose. That is why we feel compelled by the Holy Spirit to equip them on their way back home and join God in the amazing work of reaching out to new communities (publicly) and, through the presence of believers in the community, establishing a house to house evangelistic/discipleship program that will engage the life of the community with the Word of God. Our involvement with this vision is to create public events that will reach out to the whole ranch or community (provide food, clothing, etc) then equip the local leadership in every location and keep the connection through quarterly visits every three months at the different locations.
Moses said one of the most precious and powerful prayers in all of history. Then Moses said to Him, if your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.  Exodus 33:15
As we walk into a new year, our heart cries out for His presence. The more we walk, the more we become conscious of the need for the Lord in our life and ministry because it’s His presence that makes the difference in the nations and in the communities and families.
Loved friends in Christ, we know in the first place that we need God’s presence to carry on and go on this great mission. But also, we want you to know that there is no way we have come this far without you. You have been an important part of this ministry through the years and we want to encourage you to join us in our 20/20 vision.
There are new pages of victory to be written and faith adventures to experience and know for sure that there will be some circumstances to see the mighty power of God doing what we can’t do. There are towns to be reached for his glory. Please pray, give, and go! That’s what it takes to keep the wheels of RIO moving and the waves of refreshing restoration continuing in the days to come.
Thank you for your faithfulness and partnership with us.