Lead or join a team to serve God in Nicaragua.

The poorest nation in Central America, almost 80% of Nicaraguans live on less than $2 a day. More than half the population lives beneath the poverty line. One in four Nicaraguans is starving or suffering from malnutrition.

Grown men line the streets in the early morning, empty bottles still in their hands. It’s not uncommon to see kids stumbling around the neighborhood sniffing glue.

Just outside the city is an enormous dump where dozens of families rummage through the sea of trash, looking for plastic bottles to recycle.

Families are being ripped apart while many of the mothers do all they can to just keep the house clean and mouths fed.

There is a huge need for role models, discipleship, and other community building efforts.  Rio has been involved in building two churches in San Marcos and Jinotepe.  


The main theme of this trip will be to complete phase two and three of a new church.

  • Construction: You will be paired local Nicaraguan men and, working together on a construction project: completing a church in Jinotepe.
  • Discipleship: Our team will participate in vacation bible school, sports camp, devotionals, prayer, and worship. 
  • Adventure: Our day off will be spent at a volcanic lake.

During this trip, our team will form a band of believers who will pray, support, and encourage both each other and our Leaders Grant and Gonazolo, and their team of in their continued work in Nicaragua. 

When believers come together with one purpose, fueled by faith in Jesus Christ, no cultural, intellectual, or societal barrier will prevent God from doing great things in and through us.

Will you be the hands and feet of Jesus in Nicaragua?