A Remnant has risen.

The history of RIO (Remnant International Outreach) Ministries is amazing because it has two different aspects. The first one is found in the Word of God. Yes! The vision of Remnant has always been in God’s heart. Throughout history, we can see that God always accomplishes His higher purpose through a remnant, a small group of people that is willing to obey, to move on and do wherever it takes to follow God’s will. The remnant was present in Nehemiah’s time and in only 52 days the walls of Jerusalem were restored. The remnant was present in Elijah’s time, in the darkest hour of Israel, when the Lord reserved for himself 7000 people who had never compromised their faith or their worship. The list goes on and in every can see the remnant.
The other aspect is now. It’s so exciting to know that the other part of the story is being written. In the early part of 2012, a group of men united for the love of Christ embraced the vision of RIO that God laid heavy on the heart of Pastor Gonzalo Guardiola. At that time, God’s favor and divine providence brought together people with different gifts and talents, but all of them with only one heart and desire. RIO became an official 501c3 organization and was dedicated to the LORD in a remarkable, beautiful dedication service on June 2012 in Georgia.
Today, five years after that memorable time, Rio has ministered in Peru, Nicaragua, and Mexico. The Lord has brought many teams who participated and experienced the blessing in the mission field through RIO. Each one of them has become a vital part of this great call and we feel so blessed to call them friends.
The essence of our mission is based on the relationships, and it has been amazing to see the Kingdom expansion and the restoration taking place in every place that we put our feet.
We offer deep gratitude to all who have joined us in this first chapter of the story that is being written. We hope and pray that you will join us on the adventure that God has for us.